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12:00 AM: Day of Coordinator - Who is it, what do they do, and why do I need one?

I’m more than happy to help clients with any part of their wedding planning. I never lose my enthusiasm for taking any part in such a joyful and meaningful day in the life of a couple.

One  job is absolutely the most important. If my clients don’t ask for it, I strongly recommend it as the link that makes the day come off perfectly. Weddings are joyful and they can be stressful. Take away almost all of the stress with one of these?

What is the it? It’s the Day of Coordinator, DOC for short. In my experience there has to be one person working behind the scenes on the day of the wedding who makes sure that everything happens as it should, when it should. And believe me, there’s a lot going on. The job could be called Official Stress Reducer.

I love this job. Nothing thrills me more than to coordinate all of the people in all of their roles.

Using a checklist that I’ve designed and improved over the years, I know when everything should happen and I move from place to place, ensuring that every single person taking part in the wedding—from the bride to the florist—know what to do and I give them their cues.

I keep things running on time. No one wants cold food or to stand around waiting while photos are being taken. I cue the music and the dj to introduce the new couple.  I subtly cue the toasts and the first dance.

As each part of the wedding unfolds according to plan, I begin to fill with a sense of happiness. Even though I’m behind the scenes, and for the most part no one sees me, I take great pride in this role.

I’ve anticipated everything to make the wedding go right. I’ve also anticipated what could go wrong and I’m prepared for it.

Snag or a bit of dirt on the bride’s gown? Check. I’ve got a kit with everything I need.

Best man forgets his dark socks? Check. I’ve got them.

Someone forgot to light the candles? I’ve got that covered.

The rings? I know where they are every second until they are on the fingers of the bride and groom.

Four unexpected guests arrive at the reception. I’ve got a back-up plan for seating and I quickly speak with the caterers so they will have a meal.

Uh oh! Tension develops between two not-so-friendly members of the wedding party. I’m a loving mom type and know how to diffuse this and have everyone back on track with a smile on their face.

Needless to say, there are dozens and dozens of people and events all moving along in order to make a wedding day go smoothly. And that’s why I recommend a Day of Coordinator. A wedding may be perfectly planned, but like a stage play, it needs a director. Even for a perfectly planned wedding, a member of the wedding party can’t be in the wedding and also be behind the scenes ensuring the smooth running of the wedding.

All the players have a part in a wedding and mine is to make it appear as if it ran itself, as if by magic. From the early arrival of the florists and decorators until the newlyweds drive away, I’m there. When all is done and everyone has gone home and all is cleaned up as it should be, I’m the last to leave. I go home tired and fulfilled. A beautiful wedding gives me a sense of satisfaction. I want the bride and groom to be elated and talking about how wonderfully it all went.

“I’m so glad we had Lana.  She is a Miracle Worker ”


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