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01:32 AM: Is There a Wedding Cake in the Picture of Your Perfect Wedding?

Here’s a fun question. It will help if you close your eyes just for a moment (but you have to keep your eyes open to read it!).

OK? Picture a wedding and reception in your mind. Which three items are prominent in your mind’s eye?

Was it wedding gown, wedding cake, and flowers?

I’ve asked men and women friends that question. It seems that the women notice the cake more. Men said, “food,” more frequently than wedding cake!

Wedding cakes can be so beautiful that it seems you wouldn’t even want to cut into it. So many painstaking hours are put into it. And with the size and complexity of the decoration of the cake, up goes the cost.  It becomes an architectural project in pastry. Here in the Bay Area the cost can range between $800 and into the thousands. I know a wedding cake artist in Marin County who spent four days just putting little dots on her sister’s wedding cake. And that was just background decoration.

Is a traditional wedding cake for everyone? There seems to be a trend away from the gigantic, tiered wedding cake at the moment. Instead, we are seeing individual cupcakes or mini cakes set up on a cake platform to make them taper towards the top to like a wedding cake.

Cupcakes create a wonderful opportunity to offer more than one kind of cake to guests. Here’s the way to get in that chocolate cake when mom was counting on a traditional white cake.

Also popular are little deserts arranged on the same sort of cake platform. Little tartes and all sorts of tantalizing goodies.

Dessert buffets are popular too. Some people would rather have a slice of pie than cake. Here they can have it. And if ethnic treats are appropriate, they can be displayed in a dessert buffet.

Candy buffets are a big hit and little boxes for take-home gifts work well here.

Sundae and banana split buffets are great fun and make people smile. Do it either with a server or self-service. This is always a big hit with the kids.




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