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07:38 PM: And Speaking of Flowers....

First, the answer to last week’s quiz:

The color of the walls and floor of your venue. These can’t be changed, unless you’re ready to pay to have the walls draped and floors installed over the permanent floor. Even if they work with your color scheme—sort of—they can change the look of your colors by the contrast they automatically create. So my suggestion is to know your color scheme before you start looking for your venue. Will your purples and lavenders look ok next to the gold wallpaper of that hotel ballroom? That might be a risk you won’t want to take.

Let’s talk about flowers today!

I asked a few people what they would think if they walked into a wedding and there were no flowers.

Most paused.

“Hmmmmm. I think I would notice.”

“Oh, I’d notice right away. I’m all about flowers. If there are roses, I’m probably going to know the variety. I’m going to pay attention to how the flowers are arranged.”

“Some decoration would be nice, but it wouldn’t necessarily have to be flowers. But I guess something from nature. Maybe that’s it, bringing nature to the celebration. Wow, thinking about it, that must go back to the very beginning. Adam and Even in the Garden. Would apples work?”

Yes! Apples would and do work. In bowls either alone or mixed with other fruits or even vegetables. And apples also work in nicely with floral arrangements. From the beginning apples have been associated with love, beauty, luck, health, comfort, pleasure, wisdom, temptation, sensuality, sexuality, virility and fertility. Apples are fine!

There are so many choices for floral decoration in weddings today. Vans full of flowers aren’t necessary—though it would certainly be beautiful. We’ve all seen the no-expense-spared weddings on cable TV where box after box of exotic flowers are flown in from several continents. Roses from Ecuador, tulips from Holland, orchids from Hawaii.

That’s a nice choice but not the only choice.

Fewer flowers mixed with other elements can be stunning. Candles in tall candelabra. Crystals in the flower arrangements. Vines, twigs, other non-flowering elements from the garden. Tall, thin vases with submerged flowers, and all varieties of glistening rocks and under water decorations can be beautiful and also great conversation starters.  All of this can add up to really lovely floral arrangements that aren’t entirely made up of flowers.

One great advantage of these alternates to traditional flower arrangements, is that they can be set higher so that guests across the table can see one another. It can really open up the conversation and the fun at a guest table.

If you love flowers and wouldn’t have a wedding without lots of them, go for it. If you want a different look, want to mix flowers with other decorative elements, or perhaps save a little money on this part of your wedding budget, you have some wonderful choices. I’d love to chat you about them anytime.



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