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12:08 PM: What About Color?

Color is such a fascinating subject, especially so when it comes to weddings.


What about color do you need to take into consideration for your wedding?

Your own favorite colors

His favorite colors

Trendy colors

Your mother’s favorite colors

His mother’s favorite colors

Season of the year

Cultural color considerations

Bridesmaids’ gowns

Colors in your venue, that is, walls and floors, woods 

Yours and his school colors

10% of men are color blind

Favorite flowers

Un-favorite flowers!

Jewelry color

Shoe color

Tie color

Vest color

Hair color

Table linen color

Centerpiece color

Invitation color

 Gift color

 Colors for your gift registries


Don’t worry! Your wedding planner can be a real help with this.


Quiz: One of the above is a make or break for your wedding, especially if you don’t have an unlimited budget.


Answer: Check back next week!







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